Hypno Gastric Band

 Tried every weight loss plan? Are you now considering Gastric Band Surgery?

Hypno Gastric Band is a non surgical alternative choice.

It will help you to loose weight without painful surgery and medication 

and is completely safe.

How does it work?

Hypnotherapy works by putting you into a relaxed state, once you've reached a relaxed state your subconscious will be more open to suggestion. 


Hypno Gastric Band - This therapy uses the suggestion that helps you believe that you've undergone a procedure in which a gastric band was fitted to the upper part of your stomach. With this belief in place, you will feel your stomach has reduced in size, this will in turn limit the amount of food you can eat and you will feel full much more quickly changing your behaviour.


















Our relationship with food.

Food plays an important role in our lives as we need food to survive but if we eat too much of the wrong food we gain weight 


From a very early age, we form a relationship with food, this can be influenced by people or our experiences. We eat food for many reasons, to reward ourselves or as part of a celebration, where only too often we find ourselves over indulging and regretting later. Some of us turn to food as a way of comfort or as a  way of blocking  our emotions. Food therefore plays two different roles in our lives, it can be our friend and our foe.


The key to Hypnotherapy, is that it focuses on identifying the reasons why we have formed this relationship with food. It can also unearth emotional triggers, bad habits and negative behaviours.

Once these have been uncovered, the process can then start to make the changes needed which will allow you to move forward and change this relationship, allowing you to loose weight, manage your weight in the future and live a happier, healthier, fitter life.


Hypno Gastric Band will:

* Make you believe you have a gastric band fitted around the upper part your  stomach

* Make you feel full much more quickly

* Change the way you eat, eating smaller portions at regular intervals

The sessions will also:

* Help Identify where you need to make change

* Help find if causes need to be dealt with

* Increase your self worth - change the way yo feel about your self

* Break bad habits and introduce new healthy options

* Increase willpower and positive attitude

* Introduce new Positive behaviours and healthier Alternative Choices

* Change the way you think and act

* Encourage you to exercise

* Loose weight and manage that weight loss

* Become a healthier, fitter, happier you



The course consists of 4 sessions. Approx 1 hour per session. 

Sessions 1, 2 & 3 are ideally a week apart and the 4th and final session is approximately 4 weeks after Session 3.

Session 1 -  The Consultation -The start of your new life -

During this session:

* I will gather important information from you

* Provide you with all the relevant details of the 4 sessions

* Answer any questions or concerns you have. 

* Sessions 2 and 3 will be booked.

 Session 2 - Meet your surgeon and anaesthetist.

It is important that at this session you have lost weight. 

During this session:

* You will be shown a diagram of a gastric band  

* Watch a short video clip showing how a gastric band is fitted. 

* Whilst under hypnosis meet your surgeon and anaesthetist.

* Discuss Session 3 - Your Operation

Session 3  - Your operation - the Hypno Gastric Band is fitted.

During this session:

* Agree you want to have Hypno Gastric Band fitted

* Whilst under hypnosis have the Hypno Gastric band fitted.

* Be given MP3 recording to listen to at home

* Be given 'After Op' Notes

* Make Session 4 appointment

Session 4 - Hypno Gastric band is tightened or loosened.

This session is booked 3-4 weeks after session 3.

During this session:

* Discuss how you feel 

* Look at the changes you have made

* Decide if you want the Hypno Gastric Band tightened or loosened.

* Whilst under hypnosis have the Hypno Gastric Band tightened or loosened.

* Given notes after 'Adjusment of Hypno Gastric Band' 

The Hypno Gastric Band will allow you to continue to live a healthier, happier life, eating smaller portions, feeling full much more quickly, being slimmer and fitter. 


4 x 1 hour sessions
including audio material. £225.00

Terms & Conditions

The cost of therapy will be payable in advance or at the beginning of the course. There is a no refund policy.

Cancellation with less than 24 hours notice will cause the client to be liable for the full cost of the session.

The client agrees to play their part acknowledging that it is a collaboration between themselves and myself as a therapist

Ethics Statement: I Lesley Ann Redshaw work within the boundaries outlined by 'The National Hypnotherapy Society'. Full details of which can be found on their website http://nationalhypnotherapysociety.org

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