Weight loss & well being

Tried every weight loss plan? Fed up with counting calories, pills, supplements and shakes? 

Hypnotherapy is the alternative choice. It is relaxing, natural and safe. It can help you loose weight, changing your lifestyle allowing you to live a positive, healthy and happier life.

Our Relationship with food

Food plays an important role in our lives. and  we need to eat food to survive, but if we eat too much of the wrong thing, we gain weight. 

From a very early age, we form a relationship with food, thic can be influenced by people or our experiences. We eat food for many reasons, to reward ourselves or a part of a celebration, where only too often we find ourselves ovr indulging and regretting later.  Some of us turn to food as a way of comfort or as a way of blocking our emotions.  Therefore, food  plays two different roles in our lives, our friend and our foe.

The key to Hypnotherapy, is that it focuses on identifying the reasons why we have formed this relationship with food, it can also help unearth emotional triggers, bad habits and negative behaviours

Once these have been uncovered, the process can start to make the changes needed which will allow you to move forward and change this relationship allowing you to loose weight, manage your weight in the future, enabling you to live a happier, heathier, fitter life.

Hypnotherapy will help you:

* Identify where you need to make changes

* Find if causes need to be dealt with

* Increase your self worth - changing how you feel  about yourself

* Break bad habits 

* Increase will power and positive attitude

* Introduce new positive Behaviours and healthier Alternative choices into your life

* Change your relationship with food - you taking control

* Change the way you think and act.

* Encourage you to exercise

* Beome a healthier, happier, fitter you




Options & Cost.

Weight loss & Weight Management Sessions - Tailormade treatment plan

Consultation followed by 3+ 1 hour sessions

Consultation £35.00

Weekday                    £40.00 per session

Evening   & Weekend  £45.00 per session

Motivational Weight Loss Program

These sessions are specifically designed for you and a friend(s)

A great new way to loose weight together supporting and encouraging each other.

Consultation £30.00 per session

Weekday                     £30.00 per session

Evening  & Weekend    £40.00 per session

Prices are per person (min of 2) 

** Hypno Gastric Band - Please go to  Hypno Gastric Band page

Terms and conditions

The cost of each course or session will be payable either in advance or at the start of each session. Cancellation with less than 24 hours notice will cause the client to be liable for the full cost of the course or session.

The client agrees to play their part acknowledging that it is a collaboration between themselves and myself as a therapist.

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